Celia Spence
Founder and Owner
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Celia is a former corporate sustainability executive, working for over 30 years to help global businesses become more sustainable.  With degrees in Biology and Environmental Science, Celia has put her knowledge to use by leading business efforts to become safer, more environmentally sound and socially responsible enterprises.

Having always had a passion for gardening, Celia pursued and obtained certification in Gardening from the New York Botanical Gardens.  With training in garden design, plant selection, soils science, plant propagation, pruning techniques, and many more, Celia is now turning her efforts to coaching clients about ways to make their personal spaces and places of business greener--whether that means adding houseplants indoors, growing herbs or vegetables for your kitchen, installing a container garden on a deck or patio, or realizing a dream of having a beautiful garden oasis in your yard for rest, renewal and enjoyment.  

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Green Leaves
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Hanging Herbs
Vegetable Basket
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