Receiving expert advice from an experienced coach is the fastest way to enrich your life with plants.  Celia will come to your home to meet with you one-on-one and teach you about whatever gardening topic you choose.   A coaching session can also include helping you perform a task you are unsure about.  

A coach can come in once a month, once per season, twice a year – it depends on your goals. 


This service is for the person who wants to grow things, but has knowledge gaps, wants to improve, or even one that has no experience at all and wants to become a new gardener.  Coaching topics might include some of these:

  • Choosing the right plant for the right place

  • Choosing low-maintenance plants and practices to reduce your carbon footprint

  • How to spruce up an existing garden

  • Which plants will attract beneficial insects?

  • Choosing native plants

  • Growing plants indoors

  • Determining soil characteristics

  • Keeping pests at bay without the use of synthetic chemicals

  • Types of plants that deer are less likely to eat

  • When, how and which ones of your plants should be pruned

  • Choosing plants that will be interesting in all seasons

  • What to do about invasive plants

  • Using tropical plants outdoors as annuals

  • Others?